Keysafe 8R

$3,080.00 inc. GST

The Ultimate Keysafe

The Keysafe 8R Can hold & dispense up to 8 Keys or cards and includes a built in key / card return

It is possible to upgrade the Keysafe at a later stage to handle / dispense additional keys by purchasing additional Solonoid Modules

The Keysafe Can be upgraded to dispense up to 32 Keys /  Cards

Ideal For the Hotel, Motel, Apartment Rental, Property Management or Car Rental Business

The Keysafe can be paired with our SMS Module which allows you to remote manage the keysafe from your mobile phone or tablet

This feature allows you to add & remove codes to access the keysafe as well as status check to verify if your customer has accessed their keys


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Shipping Information
Weight42 kg
Dimensions39 x 42 x 24 cm