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Advances in technology the impact on profitability

With the world heading to financial crisis, many businesses, including motels, are taking a new look at what it is going to take to survive in 2009 and beyond.

With business costs escalating, the main component of which is the cost of labour, and profits rapidly dwindling due to falling occupancy rates and overheads, motel owners in the United States and elsewhere have started looking more and more towards technology as the means of survival.

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Sorry, No Vacancies

The sign usually means: "I'm tired, I've been up since 6am, it's now after 10pm, I've gone to bed and I really don't have the energy to get up at 1:32 am and argue with you about room prices while trying to sell you a room. Please go away."

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Press Release 22/9/04

Check Inn Systems, working with partners RMS and Onity, have released a new version of software that provides full integration of the Automatic Check Inn function with the RMS Property Management System (PMS) and Onity Door Locks.

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Keyless Access

Check Inn Systems have released a new model of their Keyless Access locking system that is designed primarily for the hotel and motel markets. Key management has typically been a major issue for all properties and over the last few years virtually all major properties including hotel groups and larger accommodation places have reverted to electronic card locks as a means of ensuring security and avoiding the issues of lost keys which need to be re-keyed by a locksmith at significant expense if security is to be maintained.

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AUTOMATION – The new standard in customer service.

Kiosk technology is universally accepted as the new standard in customer service in many areas of day to day business in virtually all developed countries. Drink machines where one inserted coins to get a can were the forerunner of this technology relying on simple coin acceptors and an electromechanical easy release mechanism to drop the can into the retrieval tray. The new phase of technology really started with the rapid acceptance of ATM's introduced by the banks.

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Technology to the Rescue. The $70 per week alternative

The biggest challenge facing motel owners today is the rising cost of hospitality staff. With government legislation forcing up wages costs that are already high, with minimum hourly rates as well as weekend and holiday loadings, making a profit often means that managers simply can't afford to hire relievers.

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